Macy Galvan ’13, McKeen Fellow for the Global Citizens Grant

Macy Galvan traveled to India in the summer of 2011 with her Global Citizens Grant, and she’s now working with the current Global Citizens to help them find a way to connect their experiences abroad to their lives here.

But Galvan didn’t let this summer go by without a big adventure. She traveled to Cambodia to be a mentor and tutor for 80 university-aged women, supporting them as they pursued degrees in Phnom Penh.

Galvan was hired by the Harpswell Foundation to teach English and offer current-events discussions and leadership training to the women living in the foundation’s two urban dormitories. The Harpswell Foundation was founded by Alan Lightman to help give bright, promising girls in rural Cambodia access to higher education. For the past two years, the Harpswell Foundation has also sent two of its students to Bowdoin for a year of post-graduate work.

For 10 weeks, Galvan lived with the women, growing close to a number of them. Now that she is back on campus, she’s helping the two current Cambodian students from the foundation settle into Bowdoin and providing them with a bit of cultural translation. “I’m helping them get books out of the library, taking them to the dollar store, to Target, helping them count change,” Galvan said.