Not Just a Place to Lay Your Head: The World’s 25 Coolest Hotels (Forbes)

The founders of Tablet, a site that evaluates and selects hotels to provide exciting and reliable accommodation options,  view hotels as experiences rather than simply commodities.

Each year Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis choose the most memorable and unique hotels for their top 25. Check out the latest list on Forbes to see where you might want to check in.

Map: Learn Every Country’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction (Thrillist)

Click image to view series of maps revealing every country’s most popular attraction.

Bowdoin Student Techies Go West for Spring Break

West Trek participants, and some alumni, at Google

Forty Bowdoin students — from across class years, majors, and backgrounds — trekked to California over spring break to explore career opportunities in technology. Now in its second year, the West Trek, a Bowdoin Career Planning program, was expanded this year to allow twice as many students to participate.

West Trek is designed to put students who would not otherwise be exposed to California’s tech culture in contact with graduates working for innovative companies, from Airbnb and Pinterest to Facebook and Google.

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The Psychological Perils of Actually Going to Mars (Five Thirty Eight)

The imminent potential for a year-long trip to Mars would mean increasing isolation for astronauts from recreation, communication, and privacy. NASA has studied the psychological effects of long-term missions in extreme environments, but the trip to Mars is unprecedented.

Five Thirty Eight explores the voyage’s potential impairment of sleep-cycles, sensory stimulation, and mental health. Read more in Five Thirty Eight.