The Best-Selling Vehicle in Every State (Business Insider)

Business Insider turns to Kelley Blue Book to find the best-selling vehicle in every state. For 22 states, it was the Ford F-Series. Other popular vehicles included Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV, and Subaru Outback.

View the map in Business Insider.

Bohemians Unite: It’s All About the #Vanlife Social Media Movement (New Yorker)

ArtVanFoster Huntington, former Ralph Lauren designer, traded in his day job for a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro and a lifetime of adventures. Huntington has acquired millions of Instagram followers using his hashtag “vanlife,” crafting a bohemian lifestyle that has inspired a social media movement.

The hashtag embodies a revived American interest in road trips and hippie-culture, as well as a rejection of the typical workplace. It is also a successful marketing technique.  Read more in The New Yorker.

Fight and Flight: Why Airlines Can Get Away with Poor Customer Service (Atlantic)

Most companies are unable to discriminate between high- and low-value customers, but airlines can.

Airlines gather data through frequent flier programs, establishing hierarchies and inequalities throughout the travel process.

The recent United Airlines incident highlights the prevalence of what has been described as airline bias toward loyal customers, and the monopoly airlines have over travel. Read more in The Atlantic.

New Zealand to Tahiti: Spiro ’18 and Wu ‘18 are Sailing Through the Semester. No, Really.

Jacquelyn Wu ’18 (left) and Carina Spiro ’18

Math and physics major Carina Spiro ‘18 and Jacquelyn Wu ’18, a math major, are sailing the South Pacific Ocean in an effort to address and better understand some of the most pressing global questions related to the marine environment.

Through SEA Semester: Ocean Exploration, a study abroad program offered by Sea Education Association (SEA), Spiro and Wu, together with other students with a variety of academic interests, are conducting guided field research projects during a voyage from New Zealand to Tahiti. Read more about it in Bowdoin News.