Inside the Heads of People Who Are Always Late, Explained Through Stick Figures (Upworthy)

Now LaterUpworthy displays what it is like inside the head of a person who is always late. See the drawings.



Too Soon? Diagnosing ADHD in Preschool (New York Times)

MischiefThe American Academy of Pediatrics began including preschoolers in its guidelines for diagnosing and treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in 2011, generating controversy over potentially “medicating toddlers.”

Yet, recent studies show including preschoolers in the guidelines did not increase ADHD diagnoses or prescriptions of medications. Even at a young age, children may feel the effects and symptoms of ADHD. Behavioral therapy, rather than medication, may be a helpful solution.  Read more.


This is What It’s Like Inside an Introvert’s Head (Quiet Revolution)


Quiet Revolution illustrates what it is like to be an introvert, displaying how information is processed and how stimuli affect the brain. Check it out here.



Not Charismatic? Don’t Worry—There’s Help For You (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Smiley128Harvard and MIT lecturer Olivia Fox Cabane explains the science behind charisma. According to neuroscience studies, humans primarily react to “power” and “warmth” during first impressions.

Cabane claims charisma is a “learnable quality,” improved specifically through body language. Read more.