Like You Mean It: The 19 Types of Smiles — And The Six ‘Real’ Ones (BBC)

Out of the 19 types of smiles, only six indicate happiness. In 1924, Carney Landis—a grad student at the University of Minnesota—hoped to determine whether certain experiences such as pain or shock always evoked the same facial expressions.

During the experiment, even the most violent tasks triggered smiles from his subjects. The BBC explains the smiles that do not connote happiness.

These Six Questions Help Determine Whether You Have Adult ADHD (NPR)

Are you an adult who often zones out, procrastinates, or fidgets? You may have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Many cases of ADHD in adults go undiagnosed. A new study believes 8.2% of adults have ADHD, rather than the previously believed 4.4%.

NPR outlines six questions to help you determine if you are among them.

Bowdoin’s Rothschild on Moral Outrage (The Conversation)

Zachary Rothschild

Assistant Professor of Psychology Zachary Rothschild explains “moral outrage,” a term social psychologists use to describe displays of anger against a third party for perceived harm against someone.

Today, social media provides an effortless outlet for moral outrage, which is often driven by differing conceptions of justice, the urge to publicly communicate one’s anger, and the desire to view oneself as morally upright. Read more in The Conversation.

How May I Help You Today? Breaking Down Customer Service — And the Reps Who Do It Best (Harvard Business Review)

Overwhelmingly, customers prefer self-service rather than working with live representatives—unless their problems are more complicated. Yet, training for reps has not changed, leaving many under-qualified to deal with today’s service needs. (And, for the love of Pete, please stop reading from those scripts. I beg you.)

The Harvard Business Review analyzes who best handles customers, dividing reps into seven categories: accommodators, competitors, controllers, empathizers, hard workers, innovators, and rocks. Read more in the Harvard Business Review.