Common Good Grant Helps Fund Local Gardening Initiative (Coastal Journal)

The Common Good Grant program, administered by the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good, has provided some of the funding for a gardening initiative in nearby Bath. It’s designed to help elderly and disabled people grow more of their own food, reports the Coastal Journal.

Hayes MacArthur ’99: ‘Not Just an Actor’ (TVOvermind)

Hayes MacArthur ’99

Hayes MacArthur ’99, star of the popular police comedy television series Angie Tribeca, is “not just an actor,” according to the sports and entertainment blog TVOvermind.

The article “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hayes MacArthur” describes how the celebrity is also a talented comedian, producer and writer, as well as having been a record-setting quarterback on the football team of Bowdoin College, where he majored in government and legal studies.

Slideshow: Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum Celebrates 50 Years

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum celebrated its golden anniversary with a party replete with all the accoutrements you might expect from an Arctic affair — and perhaps one or two you didn’t see coming. Check out the slideshow and read about this uniquely Arctic celebration.

Take a Break: Scheduling Breaks to Increase Creativity (Harvard Business Review)

Researchers from Harvard Business Review have discovered that boosting creative thinking may mean stepping away from the problem. By pausing or transitioning to another problem at scheduled intervals, you are able to refresh your thinking and spark creativity. Do not feel hesitant to take a break between tasks while working: it may be the best use of your time. Read more in Harvard Business Review.