Jenny Ibsen ’18 Maps a Changing Portland Waterfront

The task of explaining how a city became what it is has traditionally fallen to historians, or perhaps novelists. But a Bowdoin student is spending her summer preparing to create a different sort of account of the Portland waterfront.

Jenny Ibsen ’18 has Phocas Family Fellowship from Bowdoin to start her capstone project for her self-designed major of urban studies.

In addition to writing a thesis paper, she will be creating an interactive website that combines journalism, sociology, art, and history to tell the story of a transforming Portland waterfront.

Jenny Ibsen ’18 Maps a Changing Portland Waterfront

Bowdoin Music Festival Opens With ‘Striking Program of Russian Music’ (Portland Press Herald)

The Ying Quartet

The Bowdoin International Music Festival got underway this week with a concert on Monday 26 June, 2017, with a “striking program of Russian music” performed by the Ying Quartert, wrote Allan Kozinn in the Portland Press Herald.

Phillip and David Ying took over the running of the festival two years ago from its founder Lewis Kaplan, who had been at the helm for fifty years. The Yings, said Kozinn, are now “beginning to find directions that will help them put their own stamp on the festival.”

The festival runs until August 4th, during which time anyone walking across campus during the daytime will likely be able to hear the sounds of musicians practicing inside college dorm rooms.

Bowdoin Fellows Kick-off Summertime Community Work

Two dozen Bowdoin students have fellowships from Bowdoin this summer to intern for local organizations committed to helping Maine’s people and its environment.

The two fellowship programs, Maine Community Fellows and Maine Summer Fellows, are run by the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good and the Environmental Studies Program, respectively. Each year, students are selected for these programs through a competitive application process. Recipients are partnered with organizations that match the students’ interests and have a need for a summer intern. The students receive $5,000 to support them over the summer. Read about what some of the students are up to this summer in Bowdoin News.

Aidan Coyle ’17 Makes Green Crab Research Breakthrough

Small, nimble, and aggressive, European green crabs are ferocious invaders. Since they first arrived on the shores of the United States in the early 1800s, they have been wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems up and down the East Coast.

Scientists and conservationists have spent years trying to better understand how the crab adapts so well to new environments and continues to expand its territory. Now Aidan Coyle’s honors thesis is promising to add to that body of knowledge, contributing to an ongoing effort to solve a lingering crab mystery. The recently graduated senior spent his last year at Bowdoin looking for a link between the crab’s cold hardiness and its genes. Read more in Bowdoin News.