Is Maine Screwing Up its Wine Industry?

From Down Last summer, Maine became the laughingstock of the oenosphere (that’s the wine world) when the state legislature enacted a law that required wine shops and specialty stores to hang curtains so that children wouldn’t be able to see wine tastings. The tastings kerfuffle, an admitted regulatory miscue, got a lot of ink in the wine press, but it is just the latest in a long line of questionable rules regarding the manufacture, distribution, and sale of wine in Maine. More…

Maine Restaurants Among New England’s Best

Six Maine restaurants appear a new list of the top 15 restaurants in New England, and one — Hugo’s — makes the list of the thirty most important restaurants in the U.S. (at #25). The survey results were complied based on 1.900 participants contributing more than 29,000 reviews of restaurants in the United States, Canada and Europe. More…

We Heart These People

From The Portland Phoenix:

We started with a simple question: Who are the people without whom Portland would be the poorer? But that’s not the only criterion. Who is making Portland, and Maine, great for all of us to live, work, and play in today, and even better for tomorrow? Who is spending their time and energy really contributing deeply, in a way we should all notice and appreciate (even if they’re too modest — and busy — to seek that publicity themselves)? Meet Portland’s most influential…

Information We Don’t Need in Maine

From Al Diamon’s Maine Media blog published by Down

Is the Portland Press Herald desperate to fill space? Or are the paper’s editors so busy planning the next pointless overseas expedition, they don’t have time to cull the irrelevant material from whatever comes over the wires? On February 10, the Press Herald ran a front-page story from the Associated Press on the impact winter storms are having on Washington, D.C., and vicinity. Nothing wrong with that. The federal shutdown is a matter of concern (or humor) to nearly everyone in the country. Where the paper slid into the ditch was the sidebar it carried (“Adapted from The Washington Post’s daily health blog”) on how to deal with being snowed in. Is there anyone in Maine who doesn’t know you need gloves and extra socks in cold weather? Or that “silly boots,” defined as footwear lacking adequate tread and waterproofing, are a bad idea? Or how about this gem: “Unless you are physically fit, leave the shoveling to others.”

Or you could wait for it to melt.

Unless you’re journalistically fit, leave the editing to others.