So, Maybe Not the Economy? The Real Reason So Many American Men Are Not Working (Atlantic)

A poor job market has long been the accepted explanation for why so many American men are unemployed, but new research shows poor health may be a more compelling reason. Read more in The Atlantic.

Honoring AIDS Activist Peter Staley and Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11

(L. to r.) Jes Staley ’79, P’11, Kate Stern, Peter Staley. Click image to view slideshow.

Nearly eighty members of the Bowdoin community were on hand at Yahoo in New York City March 9, 2017, to honor the work of AIDS activist Peter Staley and his brother, Barclays CEO and Bowdoin College Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11.

“It was an evening of powerful stories—of Peter Staley’s life-saving activism and personal fight against AIDS, of Jes Staley’s promotion of LGBT causes—and combatting of homophobia—in the banking world, and of their relationship and tremendous mutual respect,” said Matt Roberts ’93, a member of the Alumni Council’s Diversity Committee.

“I found it particularly moving to share the evening with so many members of the Bowdoin family— including alumni, parents, and trustees—a warm and welcoming group.” More about the event, including a slideshow, in Bowdoin News.

Bowdoin’s Rothschild: Moral Outrage Can Be Self-Serving

Zachary Rothschild

Assistant Professor of Psychology Zachary Rothschild is interested in why people get angry about certain things, particularly the moral outrage some people display over a perceived injustice to another.

In a paper he recently co-authored, he argues that anger sparked by moral outrage can sometimes be motivated by self-interest rather than a genuine concern for others. Read more about it—and how the media has picked it up—in Bowdoin News.

Tick Uptick: How Last Year’s ‘Mouse Plague’ May Ruin Your Summer in the Northeast (NPR)

So we have this to look forward to: ecologists who have studied Lyme disease for 20 years predict a rise in infected ticks in the Northeast this summer.

Apparently in 2016, this neck of the woods suffered a “mouse plague” —an invasion of white-footed mice, which are expert at efficiently transmitting Lyme disease to Northeastern ticks. Read more about the anticipated situation.