These Six Questions Help Determine Whether You Have Adult ADHD (NPR)

Are you an adult who often zones out, procrastinates, or fidgets? You may have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Many cases of ADHD in adults go undiagnosed. A new study believes 8.2% of adults have ADHD, rather than the previously believed 4.4%.

NPR outlines six questions to help you determine if you are among them.

Your Guide to How the EPA Works (Atlantic)

Since its creation during the Nixon presidency, the Environmental Protection Agency has looked out for human health and the environment.

Against a backdrop of proposed cuts and roll-backs, The Atlantic presents a brief guide explaining how the EPA works.

Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11 and Brother Peter Staley Honored for AIDS Activism (Bloomberg)

Brothers Jes Staley ’79, P’11 (left) and Peter Staley

The 35th anniversary benefit of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis honored AIDS activist Peter Staley and his brother Bowdoin College Trustee and Barclays CEO Jes Staley ’79, P’11 in New York March 23, 2017. Former President Bill Clinton, represented at the gala by his daughter Chelsea, was also honored for his work on AIDS through the Clinton Foundation.

GMHC is one of the world’s leading providers of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Read about the Staleys’ efforts in the Bloomberg article, “Barclays Boss Staley and His Brother Embrace Change at AIDS Gala.”

Earlier this month, the brothers Staley were honored at Yahoo in New York at an event sponsored by Bowdoin’s LGBTIQA Alumni Network. Read about it in Bowdoin News.

How Big Data Could Transform Your Therapy Session (Atlantic)

We’ve seen big data—huge data sets that may analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially with regard to human behavior and interactions—used in politics and sports.

The Atlantic examines what it could mean if psychotherapists applied the same type of metrics to their work. Read “What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know.”