When Anger Is An Illness (Wall Street Journal)

An explosive disorder or merely a temper tantrum? Aware that high-pressure jobs can make for hot tempers, some professions are offering pre-emptive anger management.

What? Women Who Drink Gain LESS Weight? (NY Times)

It’s common knowledge that if you want to lose weight, it’s best to avoid alcohol. Right? Well, not so fast. A new study says women who consume a moderate amount of alcohol are less likely to gain weight and to avoid obesity than women who abstain.

Cell Phones and Your Health

In his recent blog post, Phil Camill—Bowdoin’s director of Bowdoin’s Environmental Studies Program and Rusack Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology—looks at research on the links between cell phone radiation and health.

Meanwhile, the Kennebec Journal reports that a bill making it through the Maine Legislature would require cell phone warnings.

Crocuses in February? Maine’s Weather Gets More Bizarre

Governor John Baldacci declared a civil emergency in Maine following a wild Thursday night of wind and rain that swept the snow off the ground, flooded streets, felled trees, and left more than 100,000 people without power — mostly in York and Cumberland counties. Power was knocked out across sections of the Bowdoin campus as well, but had been mostly restored by noon on Friday, as the crocuses began to bloom outside Hawthone Longfellow Library!