PubMed: A Tool to Spot Hidden Conflicts of Interests in Scientific Studies (Vox)

PubMed, “the Google of scientific research,” is now publishing funding information to reveal conflicts of interest in studies. In 2016, 62 scientists and physicians lobbied for the update as part of a broader transparency movement in science.

Industries surrounding nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, weight loss aids, and sugary drinks are more likely to produce results favorable to funders. Read more on Vox.

Today Wars Leave 20 Million People Starving (Washington Post)

This year, famine threatens 20 million people, more than any time since World War II. South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen all have suffered prolonged warfare and thus increased rates of starvation.

The Washington Post presents a visual guide to the countries’ humanitarian food crises.

The Science Behind Cheap Wine (Smithsonian)

“I liked wine the same way I liked Tibetan hand puppetry or theoretical particle physics,” writes journalist Bianca Bosker in the introduction to her new book Cork Dork, “which is to say I had no idea what was going on but was content to smile and nod.”

Smithsonian Magazine explores the scientific history of wine and the process of its production. Many consumers do not realize the chemistry required to produce wine, as bottles rarely list their ingredients. Alcohol is not covered by the FDA, so winemakers are not required to disclose what is inside. Read more about it.

Lidey Heuck ’13 on Ina Garten’s New Cooking Show (WMTW)

Bowdoin Magazine, Winter 2015

Lidey Heuck ’13 with Ina Garten on the cover of Bowdoin Magazine (Winter 2015). Photo by Karsten Moran ’05.

Lidey Heuck ’13, assistant and social media manager for celebrity chef Ina Garten, announced on Instagram that Garten will have a new show airing on the Food Network in mid-May.

Read about Heuck and her work with Garten in the Winter 2015 issue of Bowdoin Magazine.