The Huge Energy Costs of the Cloud (Salon)

SONY DSCThe “ICT” — the world’s information communications, technology ecosystem, which includes the cloud, digital devices and wireless networks —  currently consumes almost 10 percent of the world’s electricity usage, according to a report by the Digital Power Group. “Streaming an hour of video per week…uses more electricity in a year than two new refrigerators,” Salon reports. Most of this electricity is derived from coal.

While there’s no doubt our Netflix habits require an enormous amount of electricity, there is some skepticism about the statistics cited by the Digital Power Group, which is sponsored by coal and mining industries. A

Time’s Bryan Walsh, who questioned DPG’s report, still gives this warning: “The point is that as our always-on digital economy grows more extensive — and it will — we need to be more aware of the energy demands that will follow.”

Sierra Frisbie ’15 Helps Recycle Bicycles For the Needy

Sierra Frisbie ’15 with bike and grease

Sierra Frisbie ’15 with bike and grease

If you can’t afford a new bicycle in Burlington, Vt., you are not out of luck. A local company called Bike Recycle Vermont refurbishes bikes for financially strapped people, helping ensure that anyone who wishes to be mobile on two wheels can be. This summer Sierra Frisbie ’15 is interning at BRV. To support her living expenses, she has a grant from the Preston Public Interest Career Fund, which supports Bowdoin students who want to work for an organization that serves economically underdeveloped areas.

Read Frisbie’s answers to questions about about what it’s like to work in BRV’s shop. 

‘Bowdoin Students Are Everywhere’

Career Planning Banner 2013The latest banner by Career Planning is now hanging prominently in Smith Union to showcase the diversity of places where Bowdoin students have worked or interned in 2013.

The long list of names on the banner is just one-third of the year’s total employers, according to Todd Hermann, associate director of employer relations. “You’ll see a vast array of career fields represented,” Hermann said, such as marketing, banking, politics, law, education, medicine, environmental work, scientific research and the arts.

Hermann added that the banners are a focal point for campus tours and that this one will be seen by at least 10,000 people throughout the year. “I think it is an impressive indicator of the value the world puts on a liberal arts education,” he said. Read the banner’s list of employers here.

Photo Essay: Conservation and Eel-wrangling in Merrymeeting Bay

Patrick Millet ’14 prepares to measure an American eel

Patrick Millet ’14 prepares to measure an American eel

Patrick Millet ’14 of Haiti has been getting up-close and personal with American eels in Maine, working under Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies John Lichter. By exploring the connection between eels and underwater plant cover, Millet hopes to improve conservation efforts for the declining eel population. Click here for an insider view of Millet’s adventures on Merrymeeting Bay.