Where are You on Netflix’s Binge-Watching Scale? (Vanity Fair)

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings '83, loving that you binge-watch.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83, loving that you binge-watch.

Netflix has done a study to find out what types of shows are binge-watched quicker or longer than others.

The study found comedies are watched over a longer amount of time, while thrillers tend to be binge-watched quicker.

Where do you fall? Check it out in Vanity Fair.

In case you missed, check out coverage of Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83’s visit to campus in March and watch an excerpt from his talk in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 on Campus from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Remembering ‘Pink Panther’ Actor Burt Kwouk ’53 (Washington Post)

Burt Kwouk '53 from the 1953 "Bowdoin Bugle."

Burt Kwouk ’53 from the 1953 “Bowdoin Bugle.”

Burt Kwouk ’53, a British character actor of Asian descent best remembered for his role as Inspector Clouseau’s manservant Cato in the Pink Panther movies, died May 24, according to The Washington Post.

Kwouk was born in England but grew up in Shanghai before studying at Bowdoin, where he earned a degree in government. After graduation he returned to England where he pursued a successful acting career, appearing in seven Pink Panther films. Read more about Kwouk’s life and career.

HBO-Bowdoin Diversity Internship Brings Students into Movie, TV Business

hboFor many years, HBO executive Kary Antholis ’84 regularly extended a hand to Bowdoin students, inviting them to intern at his company where he oversees the Miniseries and Cinemax programs. About four years ago, Antholis approached Dighton Spooner, senior associate director in Bowdoin’s Career Planning office, to talk with him about how to encourage a wider pool of applicants. Four years ago, they set up the HBO Diversity Internship.

“The young Bowdoin men and women who have worked for us as summer interns have, without exception, brought enthusiasm, intelligence, and unique and diverse perspectives to the HBO family,” Antholis said. “We are grateful to the college for sharing these stars of the future with us.” Read about the program’s four interns.

Moving Timeline of How Music Taste Evolved (1958-2016)

For popular music fans, this is pretty cool: it’s a moving timeline by Matt Daniels at Polygraph that displays (and plays) more than 20,000 songs that appeared in the Billboard top five from 1958 through 2016.

Music Timeline