Need to Waste Time? Try These Mensa Puzzles (Scientific American)

puzzleHave a long trip ahead of you? Try solving these games, which Scientific American calls “Mensa puzzlers.”

Charlotte Brontë: An Independent Will

Bible-bookCharlotte Brontë: An Independent Will has just a few more days to run in New York City at the Morgan Library and Museum. The exhibition, which opened at the end of September 2016, coincided with the 200th anniversary of Brontë’s birth and is a tour of her life and work.

For the first time, the original manuscript of Jane Eyre has come to America, on loan to the museum. Read more.

Fake News, and How to Avoid It (LA Times)

Social media256The 2016 Presidential election was replete with fake news stories promulgated by social media—the President-elect himself has even retweeted fake statistics. Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College, has compiled a list of “false, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources” for those who wish to rid their newsfeed of misinformation. Zimdars also provides tips for those who wish to identify fake news. Read the list here.

Visiting Artist, Filmmaker Lyès Salem Inspired by French-Algerian Roots


Lyes Salem. Photo: Savannah Simmons-Grover

Algerian-born filmmaker and visiting artist in Francophone studies, Lyès Salem, is teaching a seminar class on creative writing and filmmaking in which he will help students produce one or two short movies, in French.

Salem’s latest movie, L’Oranais, kicks off Bowdoin’s Francophone Film Festival this coming Friday, November 4, 2016. The film takes a critical look at Algeria in the years following independence from France in 1962. Read more about Lyès Salem.