Dave Fogler ’90 on ‘Visual Effects in Film – Art, Craft, and (Sometimes) Bad Movies’

Image from ‘Stars Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ (2015). Courtesy: Industrial Light & Magic

Dave Fogler ’90 has worked on special effects in the movie industry since 1997, when he joined Industrial Light & Magic as a model maker. He is currently putting the finishing touches on Transformers: The Last Knight, the latest in the Transformers series, in which Fogler is visual effects supervisor. Fogler recently visited campus, where he spoke with students and talked about his career. Read more in Bowdoin News.

The True Value of an Oscar (Mic)

Everyone who works in the movie industry dreams of winning an an Academy Award. But for those select few who do attain an Oscar, what is the accolade actually worth? What is the material value of the gold-plated bronze statue? And how does it impact the winner’s earning potential? These questions are posed in an article on Mic.

Boycott Culture Has CEOs Walking the Tightrope (Bloomberg)

A Bloomberg study finds 57 percent of executives believe boycotts do indeed impact their companies, and many are finding it’s difficult to avoid political controversy—even through silence.

“Consumers are holding brands accountable as though they were political candidates, and they’re voting again and again,” said Micho Spring, head of global corporate practice at Weber Shandwick, a public relations firm that handles crisis management, in this Bloomberg article.

Two European Culture Capitals are Partying Like It’s 2017 (Newsweek)

Two European cities — Aarhus, on the coast of Denmark, and Kingston-upon-Hull, 450 miles away on the coast of England — promise year-round celebrations of art and culture to boost their morale and economies.

Aarhus, awarded the EU’s Capital of Culture, hopes to connect to residents and art lovers by focusing on children. Hull, second place in the U.K.’s City of Culture, aims to heal divisions in the maritime community by creating open art spaces of public involvement. Read more.