Hamilton: The Lego Set (Mental Floss)

Tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton” are hard to come by, but if enough people weigh-in, you could build your own.

A Lego community member submitted a Hamilton inspired Lego set to the toymaker’s ideas website.

If 10,000 fans support the design, it could become eligible for review to become a real product, which conceivably would be easier to obtain than actual tickets to the show. Read more in Mental Floss.

Updating Facebook’s ‘Media Company’ Status (Wired)

Though Facebook has resisted the descriptor “media company”—insisting instead it is a technology platform—the implementation of the “spotlight module” long-form video created specifically for the platform “nukes its best arguments as it tries to sidestep any responsibility as a media juggernaut,” reports Wired. Read “Facebook’s Officially a Media Company. Time to Act Like One.”

Bowdoin Gets Shout-Out on ‘Mindy Project’

Bowdoin was featured in the plot of a recent episode of The Mindy Project, starring comedian Mindy Kaling.

Characters mentioned Bowdoin half a dozen times in the episode titled, “Take My Ex-Wife, Please” (the tenth episode of season five, available on Hulu), as Mindy and Jody plan a road trip to Maine to visit Bowdoin.

In a game of Six Degrees, the Bowdoin shoutout might stem from actor Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan on the show, and who, early in his career, once roomed with actor Hayes MacArthur ’99.

The Answer is Always Bowdoin College, Except on ‘Jeopardy!’ When It’s the Question

Bowdoin College got a shout-out on Jeopardy! March 1, 2017, when the popular game show featured the College as the correct response to an answer in the category A Small College.