The More You Use Facebook, The Worse You Feel (Harvard Business Review)

A Harvard Business Review study measured participant well-being and its relationship with Facebook usage. Despite positive effects of real-world social networks, the study confirmed a negative association between mental health and Facebook.

The study also suggested that declines in well-being depended on quantity of use rather than quality, contrasting with previous research. Read more in Harvard Business Review.

Every Country’s Favorite Book (Vice)

presents Reddit user Backforward24’s “Literature of the World,” a map illustrating the most popular books in each country.

Do you think you know the most popular book in the U.S.? See what we’re reading, and what tops the charts around the globe.

Digipo: A ‘Wikipedia’ by College Students (Nieman Lab)

The Digital Polarization Initiative (Digipo) has piloted a claim-checking wiki for college students that helps them examine the online environments from which false claims originate.

Students collaborate to analyze and summarize topics from hate speech to neuroscience, in search of the truth. Read more in Nieman Lab.

After a Feast, Student Show Celebrates a Continent with Fashion and Talent

This weekend, Africa Alliance hosted a couple of African-themed events, starting Friday evening with “Tastes of Africa,” a feast of traditional dishes. Saturday the student group organized the second annual “Pan-African Fashion Show” in Kresge Auditorium, featuring music, dance, poetry, and fashion.

The Africa Alliance says its mission is to facilitate cultural exchanges between students interested in Africa. This year, four students from Africa — specifically Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa — are studying at Bowdoin. Many other Bowdoin students have families who have emigrated from Africa. Check out photos and a video.