Best Books of 2009 (National Book Critics Circle)

The National Book Critics Circle has announced the winners of its annual book awards.

Photo Gallery: The Weirdest College Mascots (Huffington Post)

From The Fighting Pickles (UNC School of the Arts) to the Geoducks (Evergreen State), there are some college mascots out there that make the polar bear seem pretty conventional (thank goodness).

From E-mail Apnea to Frugal Fatigue: The Latest Media-Invented Words (Word Spy)

Yes, “cyberdisinhibition” is a word (regardless of what your spell-check tells you). It means a “temporary loss of inhibition while online.” So go ahead and lose those cyberinhibitions and check out the latest media-invented additions to the English language.

The Death of Film Criticism (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Is traditional print film criticism from journalists and academics going the way of the silent movie? With the blogosphere providing both the “democratization of opinion” and instant availability, cybercritics have become the go-to voices of cinematic opinion. Meanwhile, pen-and-ink critics are being pink-slipped, and their film-smart essays are being anthologized—or, as some see it, eulogized.