Twelve Student Interns Learn on the Job at WEX with Rapkin ’88

A dozen Bowdoin students are taking advantage of an opportunity Career Planning fostered with WEX, a global leader in corporate payments solutions that strives to simplify the complexities of payments systems across continents and industries including vehicle fleet, travel, and healthcare.

(L. to r.) Duncan Cannon ’18, international finance intern; Molly Foley ’19 legal compliance intern; John Dana ’19, sales operations intern; Hilary Rapkin ‘88; Luis Paniagua ’16, Treasury Department intern; Jordan Castonguay ’18, strategy and innovation intern; Ian Dieli ’18, application development Intern; Adrian Van der Eb ’19, marketing intern; Andrew Walter-McNeill ’19, software engineer intern; Justin Weathers ’18, product release intern; Joseph Staudt ’19, corporate communications intern; Simone Laverdiere ’19, acquisitions and new business development intern; Ian Squiers ’19, marketing analytics intern.

The twelve students are part of an ambitious plan by WEX to hire interns from Maine colleges and universities. Hilary Rapkin ’88, senior vice president and general counsel at WEX, participated in a presentation Career Planning had coordinated on campus this past year.

The twelve students are working at the company’s South Portland, Maine, headquarters this summer in roles in a wide range of fields including acquisitions, application development, finance, legal compliance, marketing, product release, sales, and software engineering.

Startup ‘Coach’ Derrick Duplessy ’03 Helps Young Urban Entrepreneurs (Bay State Banner)

Derrick Duplessy ’03

Derrick Duplessy ’03, founder of an organization that helps young entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area, was profiled by Sandra Larson in The Bay State Banner. He set up the Duplessy Foundation in 2009 “to assist those particularly like himself: children of immigrants forging their own paths.”

Speaking at a recent networking event in Boston, Duplessy—whose parents emigrated from Haiti—described himself thus: “I’m a coach. I work with startups and with artists. The big thing is, there are still many of you that could be doing so much better.” In the last few years, Duplessy said he’s helped people raise $2.6 million through Kickstarter.