Students Take Over Bowdoin’s Instagram, Offer Glimpses of A Maine Summer

Check out Bowdoin’s Instagram to see what some students who stayed local are up to this summer.

They’re interning at Eagle Island, the retirement home of polar explorer Robert Peary. They’re conducting science experiments in a Druckenmiller lab, interning for The Nature Conservancy, or working for Bowdoin facilities, Bowdoin Day Camp, or the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library.

These “takeovers” — plus many others — are the students living and working on campus or nearby who have become Bowdoin’s social media ambassadors this summer, providing a look into what life in Maine can be like for a student. They’ll continue to post to Bowdoin’s Instagram through mid-August.

The project was dreamed up by social media intern Mariah Rawding ’18, who was impressed by what students were doing this summer and wanted to showcase the diversity of activity on campus and nearby. Check out the Instagram, or go to Bowdoin News to catch up on a few recent posts.

Art Fellow Logan House ’17 Gets Lost in a Crowd

As an enthusiastic underclass student, Logan House made a habit of snapping photos at Bowdoin. “I always took a lot of college photos for when I wanted to look back nostalgically 20 years from now,” he said recently, standing in flip-flops among his paintings in an Edwards Center studio.

But while House hoped to capture mementos of the fun side of college life, he now uses those photos as a starting point to explore more complex human terrain. For when he began to inspect his photographs more closely, particularly the ones he took at parties, he was struck by the unguarded expressions of the people caught within the frames. Read more in Bowdoin News.

Technology Fellows Target Old Mongolian Maps, Tourette’s, and Teacher Mentorships

2017 Gibbons Fellows

Each summer, Bowdoin faculty are invited to apply for funding from the college’s Gibbons Summer Research Program to hire students to help them with technological research. John A. Gibbons, Jr. ‘64 established this grant program to enable students and professors to explore interdisciplinary projects and to develop fresh approaches to the study of complex problems. This year, nine students received Gibbons funding to work on research projects in oceanography, politics, arctic studies, neurology, history, education, psychology, and Italian and German studies.

Read about one student’s work with a long-lost Mongolian manuscript, another’s attempt to improve student teacher mentors in the sciences, and a third’s work to develop online therapy for people with Tourette syndrome.

The Gibbons Program is administered by Bowdoin’s Academic Technology & Consulting group.

President Rose Throws a BBQ For Summer Students

More than 200 students spend the summer on campus, either working college jobs, doing research for independent projects or for professors, or interning for nearby organizations.

Many of them have fellowships through Bowdoin to support their pursuits. It’s become a tradition fo the college president to host a party for them, organized by the president’s office.Check out more photos.