Bowdoin Summer Researchers On The Rise


Patrick Millet '14 has a summer research fellowship to work with Biology Professor John Lichter

This summer, more than 175 Bowdoin students are working alongside faculty in hands-on research in fields as diverse as history, Asian studies, government, sociology, English and a host of science disciplines.

It is among the largest groups of summer research students to date, and, according to Dean for Academic Affairs Cristle Collins Judd, it signals “the ways in which our faculty provide authentic, hands-on undergraduate research opportunities for our students.” [Read more…]

Photography Student’s NY Show Transforms Books Into Still Lifes

When James Boeding ’14 was back home in Millerton, N.Y. for the summer, he walked into a downtown art gallery without any prior notice and told gallery owner Deborah Kendig he wanted to show her his portfolio of photographs.

“He walked in off the street, which takes a lot of hutzpah,” Kendig said. “It takes a lot of nerve for an artist to do that.”

But Kendig makes a point of nurturing emerging artists, so she invited Boeding to show her what he had. “I was sitting here, and James started pulling out of his prints, and it just knocked my socks off. Because the whole collection – there’s no question it’s art. I said, ‘Lets have a show.’”

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Proctors Send Postcard Greetings To Incoming First-Years

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A few proctors who are on campus for the summer got together yesterday at the pub to write postcards to their incoming first-years. Each of Bowdoin’s 33 or so proctors will live with 10 to 25 first-years next year, acting as their go-to person for any questions and problems the new students might have. “Every first-year gets a personalized postcard, letting them know who we are and that we are a resource for them,” Katie Ashby ’13 said.

In the photo, left to right: Malik McKnight ’15, Katie Ashby ’13, Filipe Camarotti ’14, Mira Nikolova ’13, Tori Guen ’13, Steph Bond ’13, Melanie Gaynes ’13, Abbie Geringer ’14

Bowdoin Senior Sees the Future of Urban Design

David Bruce '13 in the UrbanLab office with architect/founder Martin Felsen

David Bruce '13 in the UrbanLab office with architect/founder Martin Felsen

Sam “David” Bruce ’13 is taking advantage of a new Bowdoin fellowship to gain experience in the imaginative field of sustainable architecture and urban design. This summer he is helping to fashion cutting-edge buildings and infrastructure that could one day recycle resources, reduce waste and cut pollution.

Bruce is the first recipient of the Cooke fellowship, established last year by Chester W. Cooke III ’57 to support students pursuing environmental studies. The rising senior is using his funding to intern at the UrbanLab, an architecture firm in Chicago founded by the husband and wife team of Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn. [Read more…]