Slideshow: Outing Club Prepares for Orientation Trips


Students are packing up trip supplies at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center in anticipation of the arrival of incoming first-year students. Starting next Tuesday, first-years, many of them new to Maine, will head out on their orientation trip, departing to destinations across the state. Some will go as far as Aroostook County; others will stay on campus.

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Community Matters in ME Fellow Ariye Krassner ’14 Enables the Disabled


Ariye Krassner ’14


Last summer, Ariye Krassner ’14 had a Preston Fellowship to intern at Preble Street in Portland, working with the city’s homeless population. This summer, she’s again working with some of society’s most vulnerable: people with mental illness, cerebral palsy, autism and other developmental disabilities.

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Art Museum Interns are ‘Great Ambassadors’


Art Interns: Hugo Barajas ’12, Becky Rosen ’13 (top), Abbie Geringer ’14

Part of the success of the William Wegman: Hello Nature show this summer has been due to the three student interns at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art who offer twice-daily tours to visitors.

“People are delighted to hear from Bowdoin students,” Joachim Homann, the museum’s curator, said. “Both to meet them and learn how the Museum fits in with the mission of Bowdoin. They are great ambassadors of the College and the Museum.”

The three educational assistant interns this summer are Hugo Barajas ’12, Abbie Geringer ’14 and Becky Rosen ’13. All are majoring in visual arts; Rosen and Geringer are also studying art history. Barajas is a Spanish double major.

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Curiosity Peaked: Anthropology Student Hikes A.T. in the Name of Research


Danica Loucks '13 on the top of Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire.

For five weeks this summer, Danica Loucks ’13 hiked the Appalachian Trail by herself, starting at Daleville, Va., and ending at Kent, Conn.

The experienced backpacker wasn’t seeking a transcendental experience in the wilderness, or weeks of nature-induced meditation. Rather, Loucks, who is an anthropology major at Bowdoin, was on the trail to find out why every year many hikers leave behind their regular lives to hike the 2,184-mile trail. What were they looking for? What did they hope to discover after months of logging miles, eating dehydrated lentil soup and suffering sore muscles? And did they find it?

To support her trail research and lay the foundation for an honors project next year, Loucks was awarded a Grua/O’Connell Research Award from Bowdoin this summer. [Read more…]