Bowdoin’s Lea Discusses Larsen C Ice Shelf

Scientists had been monitoring the crack in the Larsen C ice shelf for several years

An iceberg the size of Delaware recently broke away from western Antarctica and is now floating in the ocean. A big deal, to be sure, said Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Peter Lea, but not unexpected.

“The crack in the Larsen C ice shelf had been growing for ten years, so it was a question of when, not if, the break-off, or ‘calving’ as it’s known, would happen.” Read more about it in Bowdoin News.

Founding Principles: Everything You Need to Know about How the Constitution Created the Judicial Branch (Monkey Cage)

The Washington Post political science blog Monkey Cage continues its weekly series presenting episodes from Bowdoin’s Founding Principles, a series of videos designed to explain American government and how it works.

This week narrator Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government, examines the Judiciary and the establishment of the Supreme Court — the only court the Constitution actually creates. Read Rudalevige’s Monkey Cage piece, “Here’s everything you need to know about how the Constitution created the judicial branch, in a 15-minute video” and watch other Founding Principles videos here.


Pardon Me: Bowdoin’s Rudalevige on What You Need to Know about Presidential Powers (Monkey Cage)

Andrew Rudalevige

President Trump’s recent tweet that “all agree the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon …” has sparked conversation and debate on many fronts. Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government, dives into the topic for Monkey Cage, the Washington Post‘s political science blog.

Read Rudalevige’s analysis, “Here’s what you need to know about the presidential power to pardon.”

Former Ambassador Laurence Pope ’67 and Government Professor Barbara Elias Talk International Affairs on ‘Maine Calling’

Barbara Elias Klenner and Laurence Pope ’67

Former Ambassador Laurence Pope ’67, a thirty-one-year Foreign Service veteran, and Assistant Professor of Government Barbara Elias Klenner paired up on the Maine Public Radio call-in program Maine Calling to discuss President Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy.

They were joined by Gordon Adams, professor emeritus at the School of International Service, American University, and a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center. He served as the Senior White House Budget Official for National Security Budgets from 1993 to 1997.

Listen to the Maine Calling program (aired live July 21, 2017).