What Chamberlain’s Behavior at Appomattox Could Teach Today’s Politicians (Desert Dispatch)

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

When Confederate General John Brown Gordon surrendered his forces to Union General Joshua Chamberlain at the Battle of Appomattox Court House in April 1865, Chamberlain’s men gave their beaten foes “a soldierly salute — a token of respect from American to American,” writes Brian A. Cook in the Desert Dispatch.

Such honorable behavior, said Cook, could offer an important historical lesson for some of today’s politicians. Cook is the former vice president of the American Civil War Society. Chamberlain, a member of the Bowdoin class of 1852, went on to become president of Bowdoin College and state governor of Maine.

Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 Featured in Art Show on Women’s Sports

Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79

A cereal box displaying an image of Olympic marathon runner Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 is featured in an art show at Radcliffe College, writes Harvard Magazine. The exhibition, Playing Fair: Title IX at 45, runs until mid-September and takes its name from the 1972 federal law guaranteeing equal rights for women in all educational activities, including athletics.

“The exhibit uses Title IX as a lens to tell a focused narrative about women in sports,” explained curator Susan Ware. Samuelson won the first Olympic women’s marathon gold medal at the 1984 games in Los Angeles.

President Rose Shares ‘Full Power of the Common Good’ on Instagram

President Clayton Rose visited Broadway Housing Communities, spending time with founder Ellen Baxter ’75, H’05, company CFO Mary Ann Vilari ’75, and BHC board member Roman Jackson ’07 in New York Monday, commemorating his impressions with a post on his Instagram account.

Today was a day to witness the full power of the Common Good and to spend time with some amazing alums. I visited Broadway Housing Communities’ Sugar Hill project. BHC was founded and is run by Ellen Baxter ’75 H ’05 (center), a remarkable person who has dedicated herself to helping those individuals and families in New York who are in the most difficult economic situations, and what she has created works! Check out BHC and Sugar Hill at www.bhc.org. Mary Ann Villari ’75 (second from the left) is BHC’s CFO and has been working with Ellen for about 15 years. Both Ellen and Mary Ann have been awarded our Common Good Award. On the left is Roman Jackson ’07, who works for the philanthropic arm of JP Morgan Chase and sits on the board of BHC. There are a number of other Polar Bears who have been or are currently involved with BHC. Finally, on the right, is the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Story Telling artist-in-residence, Derek Fordjour. His art is amazing, as is his passion for engaging with the kids. #bowdoin

Conor Williams ’05: How New Federal Education Law Can Help English Learners (The 74)

Conor Williams ’05

Education policy pundit Conor Williams ’05 said the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act has the potential to better serve English language learners. Writing in The 74 (a nonprofit news site that specializes in educational matters), he described how ESSA, “which replaced the much-maligned No Child Left Behind,” gives states more flexibility in how they help those learners.

Williams singled out three states in particular for making “good use of their newfound flexibility.” Read more in The 74.