Remembering Civil War Vet and Bowdoin Medical School Graduate John Sheahan (Carroll County Times)

Plaque at Bowdoin College commemorating alumni who served in the US civil war

John P. Sheahan, who served in the Union Army for three years before going on to graduate from the College’s medical school in 1867 and going on to practice as a physician and a dentist, is remembered by Lee McGinnis in the Carroll Yesteryears column of the Carroll County Times.


Hodges ’05 Appointed Waterkeeper to Hawaiian Island Group

Amy Hodges ’05

Amy Hodges ’05 has been appointed waterkeeper to the group of Hawaiian islands known as Greater Maui, according to the Waterkeeper Alliance. Hodges majored in visual arts with a minor in biology. She will be collaborating with several community groups as they work to restore the islands’ native marine and terrestrial ecosystems.


Startup ‘Coach’ Derrick Duplessy ’03 Helps Young Urban Entrepreneurs (Bay State Banner)

Derrick Duplessy ’03

Derrick Duplessy ’03, founder of an organization that helps young entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area, was profiled by Sandra Larson in The Bay State Banner. He set up the Duplessy Foundation in 2009 “to assist those particularly like himself: children of immigrants forging their own paths.”

Speaking at a recent networking event in Boston, Duplessy—whose parents emigrated from Haiti—described himself thus: “I’m a coach. I work with startups and with artists. The big thing is, there are still many of you that could be doing so much better.” In the last few years, Duplessy said he’s helped people raise $2.6 million through Kickstarter.

Tom Davidson ’94 Launches Baseball-Themed Summer Learning Platform

Tom Davidson ’94, photo credit: EverFi

Tom Davidson ’94—CEO of educational technology company EVERFI—aims to stop the so-called “summer slide” experienced by school kids at this time of year, according to Roger Groves in EVERFI has teamed up with Major League Baseball to launch a new learning platform described by Groves as “carefully disguised teaching vehicles.”

The program, called “Summer Slugger,” features thirty six interactive baseball-themed computer games designed to boost math and literacy skills. According to Davidson, “each fall teachers spend an average of six weeks re-teaching their students old material that was lost during the summer months.”