Barry Mills

President Barry Mills writes a column for the Bowdoin Daily Sun on a variety of subjects of interest to him or of importance to the College.

Sharing Some Practical Advice (2/7/14)

Thoughts for the New Year (1/3/14)

JFK, History and Family (11/21/13)

The Art of a Maine Summer (7/24/13)

Baccalaureate 2013 Address (5/24/13)

Setting the Record Straight (4/10/13)

The Challenges of Affordability (2/25/13)

Bowdoin and Concerns About Higher Ed (Part I) (1/7/13)

“A Horrible Loss” (12/15/12)

What’s Best for Bowdoin? (12/4/12)

A Thanksgiving Message (11/22/12)

An Experiment (10/31/12)

Imperatives for Maine (10/26/12)

What a Liberal Arts Education Brings to the Surgical Table (9/24/12)

“Opening of the College,” Convocation Welcome (8/29/12)

Summer in Maine Isn’t All About “Vacationland” (7/26/12)

Deal of the Century (7/11/12)

Reunion Convocation 2012 Address (6/2/12)

Baccalaureate 2012 Address (5/25/12)

A Letter to Parents (5/17/12)

Admissions and the Growing Demand for a Bowdoin Degree (4/2/12)

In Defense of Higher Education (2/29/12)

Let’s Solve Bowdoin’s Parking Problem (1/17/12)

Education Still Key to the ‘American Dream’ (1/10/12)

Conversations About Coeducation (12/12/11)

The Balance Between Health and Cost and Safety (11/17/11)

On Developing the Social Capacities to Lead (10/5/11)

Education’s Technology Transformation (9/1/11)

Art is the Maine Draw (7/13/11)

The Story That Won’t Die (6/29/11)

The Most Important Imperative for Bowdoin College (6/5/11)

Baccalaureate Address 2011 (5/28/11)

A Hard Decision (5/21/11)

A Letter to Parents (5/19/11)

Thanks All Around (5/13/11)

Helping Students Learn and Earn (4/22/11)

Demonstrating Community (3/31/11)

The Ingredients of Bowdoin (3/4/11)

Happy Anniversary to the Bowdoin Daily Sun (2/24/11)

A Financial February Thaw (2/18/11)

The Role of a College President (1/27/11)

Words Matter (1/19/11)

Tucson, Guns, and the Media (1/14/11)

Thoughts for the New Year (1/7/11)

A Holiday Message to Those Who Serve (12/22/10)

On the Gifts of Art, Change and Excellence (11/24/10)

A Message About Civility and Respect (10/20/10)

A Strong Board, A Strong College (10/11/10)

Barry Mills Gets Some Feedback on His Convocation Address (9/15/10)

The Challenges Ahead for Liberal Arts Colleges (9/2/10)

The First Days of College and that ‘Separation Thing’ (8/27/10)

Tackling the Tough Issues (8/20/10)

What I Read on My Summer Vacation (8/13/10)

A Seaside Chat (8/6/10)

On Rankings, Ratings, and an Award that Matters (7/30/10)

Why It’s All About the Endowment (7/16/10)

Celebrating the 4th (7/2/10)

A Search for that Perfect College Fit (6/24/10)

Summer at Bowdoin (6/18/10)

The Job Progress and Prospects for the Class of 2010 (6/11/10)

Reunion Central (6/4/10)

The Countdown to Commencement (5/27/10)

Bowdoin’s Fee and a Changing of the Guard (5/20/10)

Honors, Gratitude, and a Victory Lap for the Class of 2010 (5/14/10)

Warm Weather, the Quad, and the Responsibilities of Stewardship (5/7/10)

The State of Bowdoin’s Finances (4/29/10)

Going Retail (4/23/10)

Happiness, Rigor, and Achieving the Proper Balance (4/15/10)

Baseball, Family, and Living with the Enemy (4/8/10)

Preparing Students for Success in a Global Economy (4/1/10)

Defining Student Success (3/24/10)

The Future of Brunswick (3/18/10)

The Joys of March in Maine (3/7/10)

The Role and Work of the Board of Trustees (3/1/10)

No-Loans (2/23/10)