Bowdoin’s Stephen Morris on the Interest Rate Hike


Stephen Morris

Like most people, Bowdoin Assistant Professor of Economics Stephen D. Morris was not surprised by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike December 16, 2015.

“If anything,” he says it’s “surprising the hike – or ‘lift off’ as it’s known — didn’t come sooner.” That’s because the Fed’s Open Market Committee, which sets interest rates, “has continually communicated a desire to ‘normalize’ monetary policy over the past several years. Read more of Morris’s observations.


Machine Learning: How Computers Predict The Future

Clare Bates Congdon

Clare Bates Congdon

When Assistant Professor of Economics Erik Nelson heard what was going on at the computer science department earlier this semester, he was psyched.

“I was excited when she sent out an email about a month and a half ago looking for data that her students could work with.” The “she” Nelson refers to here is Clare Bates Congdon, visiting associate professor of computer science. Read more.

Therapy Dogs and Other Tricks to De-stress During Finals

Students have a range of solutions to stay calm and focused during finals. Some visit the therapy dogs Bowdoin brings in during exams. Others go out for gelato with friends, work out, play rugby or watch movies.

ISIS and Islam: A Conversation with Bowdoin’s Elias and Morrison

Professor Robert G. Morrison, chair of the Religion Department, and Assistant Professor of Government Barbara Elias, discuss Islam, ISIS — also known as the Islamic state — and the current situation in Iraq and Syria. They start by addressing popular misconceptions about ISIS and Islam.