The Mold Transforming Japanese Cuisine (Atlantic)

Koji is a fungus found in soy sauce, miso, and sake. The mold, known for its toxicity, was domesticated by humans about 9,000 years ago. Though its closest relatives can be deadly, koji is nontoxic.

Originally used for alcohol, the fungus has been implemented by Asian chefs for centuries. Read more in The Atlantic.

The Best-Selling Vehicle in Every State (Business Insider)

Business Insider turns to Kelley Blue Book to find the best-selling vehicle in every state. For 22 states, it was the Ford F-Series. Other popular vehicles included Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV, and Subaru Outback.

View the map in Business Insider.

The Pet Economy: How Much Do We Spend On Our Pets? (Atlantic)

Since 1994, pet spending has increased every year and is estimated to have reached nearly $63 billion in 2016. Millennials spend more on pets than any other age group, despite having less money.

Pet and human healthcare have mirrored each other in their rising costs. Yet, according to studies on German and Australian healthcare, pet owners are less likely to visit the doctor.  Read more in The Atlantic.

So Cool: Scientists Invent Heatless Clothes Dryer — And It’s Fast, Too (Business Insider)

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have created an ultrasonic dryer that is five times more efficient than conventional dryers, drying clothes in half the time.

Rather than using heat, ultrasonic dryers rely on high-frequency vibrations. If the dryers become commercially available, they could save Americans energy and money, while leaving behind less lint. The downside? You still have to fold. Read more in Business Insider.