Tick Uptick: How Last Year’s ‘Mouse Plague’ May Ruin Your Summer in the Northeast (NPR)

So we have this to look forward to: ecologists who have studied Lyme disease for 20 years predict a rise in infected ticks in the Northeast this summer.

Apparently in 2016, this neck of the woods suffered a “mouse plague” —an invasion of white-footed mice, which are expert at efficiently transmitting Lyme disease to Northeastern ticks. Read more about the anticipated situation.

The FBI and Religion: The Bureau’s Treatment of Minority Groups (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic interviews Steven Weitzman, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-editor of a book of essays detailing the FBI’s tumultuous relationship with religion.

Weitzman discusses the FBI’s religious history and its relevance post-9/11. He also highlights the FBI’s tendency to investigate immigrants and Muslims rather than Judeo-Christians. Read more in The Atlantic.