You Realize the Job Isn’t a Good Fit For You Mid-Interview, Now What? (Forbes)

Job interviews are not just about the employer learning about you. They’re also opportunities to learn if the position and the company are indeed good fits for youForbes shares important things to keep in mind if you discover halfway through the interview that the job isn’t all it was cracked up to be.


6 Character Flaws Thought to be Leadership Qualities (Huffington Post)

Huffington Post writer Ted Harro reports on negative leadership qualities that have somehow become virtues in the workplace today. He believes that these six character flaws are celebrated because employees have come to believe that these character traits led powerful individuals to their success. In contrast, Harro outlines six characteristics that would foster respect rather than a defense/attack mode.

Just How Much Does The Internet Know About You? (Mashable) is a real estate search site that reveals prices paid for homes and  names of homeowners. lists mug shots by state. These are only two of the endless amount of websites that have access to your personal information including your name, birth date, address and more. While yes, this information has always been public record, the web is making it more accessible and more public.  Mashable describes what personal details are circulated online and what is being done to regulate it.

12 Sleep Myths Debunked (Huffington Post)

From watching TV before bed to working out late at night, we seem to have developed many sleeping habits that are counterproductive to catching a quality slumber.  Huffington Post exposes what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to these 12 sleeping myths.