Apples that Remain Forever Young (Discover)



Discover introduces the newest delectable innovation soon to hit grocery stores — oxidation-resistant GMOs (also known as “apples that don’t brown”). Thanks to a new technique that eliminates a particular fruit-related enzyme, Granny Smith will maintain her youth even past her prime. Yet, the public consensus on age-defying produce remains split. While some find altered foods unsettling, others contend these so-called “Arctic apples” will prove to be the cream of the crop. Read the story.

Snowy Owl Rescue (Portland Press Herald)

Snowy OwlWe have an “invasion” on our hands — but don’t grab your pitchforks just yet, because these newcomers are more fluffy than formidable (though their lemming prey would almost certainly disagree). Snowy owls, denizens of the Arctic, have been flocking south in record numbers this winter, thanks to fluctuating prey populations up north. One such fine-feathered friend found its way into a deserted building in Portland, Maine, where it may have been dining on pigeons before being rescued by a local falconer.

Watch a video of Portland’s very own Hedwig as the bird is set free near Rockland.