NY Times: Obsessed With Facebook?

Recognizing that Facebook was interfering with their lives offline, some students took steps to kick the habit.

Chicago Public Radio: Life at America’s #1 Party School

From This American Life:

This year, The Princeton Review named Penn State the #1 Party School in America. It’s a rotating crown—last year it was University of Florida, before that it was West Virginia University. So we wondered: What is it like to be at the country’s top party school? This American Life producers spent a recent football weekend at Penn State to figure this out. There, we learned the definition of “fracket” (think frat plus jacket); the best way to clean up beer cans after a big party (snow shovel); and how hard it is to get college kids to drink less (really hard). Listen…

Campus Views

Portland Press Herald: Maine ponders cell phone cancer warning

From the Portland Press Herald:

AUGUSTA — A state legislator wants to make Maine the first state to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer.

Democratic Rep. Andrea Boland of Sanford says there are very substantial and numerous studies that point to the risk. But there’s little consensus among scientists of the hazards of cell phone use.