Philadelphia Inquirer: No Tax on Tuition

Six weeks after touting a tuition tax as a key component of Pittsburgh’s fiscal recovery, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl yesterday shelved the levy in favor of pledges of help from universities, tax-exempt organizations, and the corporate community.

6:15pm at the Buck Center

NY Times: Obsessed With Facebook?

Recognizing that Facebook was interfering with their lives offline, some students took steps to kick the habit.

Chicago Public Radio: Life at America’s #1 Party School

From This American Life:

This year, The Princeton Review named Penn State the #1 Party School in America. It’s a rotating crown—last year it was University of Florida, before that it was West Virginia University. So we wondered: What is it like to be at the country’s top party school? This American Life producers spent a recent football weekend at Penn State to figure this out. There, we learned the definition of “fracket” (think frat plus jacket); the best way to clean up beer cans after a big party (snow shovel); and how hard it is to get college kids to drink less (really hard). Listen…