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Whispering Pines: Steamed

Whispering PinesIn this month’s column, John Cross ’76 warms us with tales about the history of steam at Bowdoin.

In a winter that has brought Arctic vortices of cold air swirling through Brunswick, the College’s central steam-heat system and the facilities staff that operate and maintain it are in for some well-deserved recognition. The original coal-fired steam boiler was installed in the old Sargent Gymnasium in 1900 (the current heating plant building), and a network of steam pipes ran through underground tunnels to buildings on the campus. The tunnels measured a little more than five feet in height and about four feet in width, enough room to allow maintenance activities, but requiring great caution to avoid getting burned by touching the pipes during heating season. Stories abound about unauthorized visits to the steam tunnels by students, and I hope that alumni will share some of their own recollections in response to this column.

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Good Energy: Photos of College’s New Turbine Generator

The second piece of equipment for the College’s boiler and cogeneration project has arrived. A crane lowered a 630-kilowatt turbine generator skid and associated electrical equipment into the heating plant Friday.

It’s estimated that the back-pressure steam turbine generator will generate 1.65 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, nearly 10 percent of the College’s annual electricity consumption.

The project is being funded partially by the College and by a grant from Efficiency Maine.

View a photo gallery of the turbine generator’s delivery.