Bowdoin and the Environment: Students Experience Iceland in the Making

Earth and Oceanographic Science professor Collin Roesler offers a glimpse of what she, three other Bowdoin faculty, and 20 Bowdoin students experienced on a recent scientific trip to Iceland.

“Iceland is an ideal location to study the causal relationships and the interactions between tectonics, volcanism, glaciation, ecology, and oceanography,” said Roesler, who led the trip. “Rather than being a show-and-tell tour, this field seminar is designed to foster collaboration, active learning, and discovery for students and staff,” she added.

Videographer Wilder Nicholson ’16 joined the students and Earth and Oceanographic Science Department faculty on their trip, capturing the group’s field research in some spectacular settings.

Stay tuned for more video and stories from Nicholson and writer/illustrator Abby McBride, who also traveled with the group.

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