Remembering Former Admissions Director Richard W. Moll

Richard W. Moll

In a message to the Bowdoin community, President Clayton Rose shares news of the death of Richard W. Moll, Bowdoin’s director of admissions from 1967 to 1975, and a creative and influential figure in the field of college admissions.

Moll helped establish a strong foundation for coeducation at Bowdoin and championed diversity in the College’s admissions practices.

The New York Times covered Moll in 1970, when he made the persuasive case for dropping the SAT requirement at Bowdoin, the first college to do so.

The New York Times wrote about Moll again in 2006, when he married Wallace Pinfold in a ceremony officiated by the Rev. Robert Ives, a friend who had worked for Moll in the admissions office and who would go on to become Bowdoin’s Director of Religious and Spiritual Life.


  1. Dian K Petty says:

    Very sad to learn of his passing – he was a very special person to all who knew him.
    He certainly left his mark at Bowdoin. My heartfelt condolences to Wallace.
    Dian Petty

  2. Mark Bayer says:

    Sad news. I am grateful that I was part of Dick’s last Bowdoin class–the Class of 1979. A well rounded class of individuals, not a class of well rounded individuals, he used to say.

  3. Bruce Lynskey, 1977 says:

    This is very sad news. Dick was a major force at Bowdoin in the 1970s. We credit him, among his many strong attributes, of introducing the radical admissions concept of a ‘well rounded class’ rather than the (at the time) more typical ‘class of well rounded individuals’. It made the Bowdoin experience unique. We will never forget the New York Times describing us as the ‘functional illiterates’. Thank you, Dick.

  4. Albert DeMoya says:

    Had it not been for Dick, I would never have attended Bowdoin. Years later at ’72’s 35th reunion he still remembered me and greeted me with a bone-crushing hug. Then at the 40th after a gathering between him and members of my class, he encouraged me to become more involved in homeless LGBT youth agencies, when I told him that being gay myself, I felt I was not doing enough for our cause. I’m saddened by his passing, and I extend my condolences to his spouse.

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