Dig It: Ceremonial Shovels from Roux Center Groundbreaking Enjoy Repurposeful Life

The work isn’t done for the shovels used in last week’s groundbreaking for the Roux Center for the Environment. Though they made their debut festooned with bows, these 100 percent American-made, ash-handled spades are workhorses, and are now being put to good use in the Bowdoin Organic Garden. One of the six shovels, engraved for the occasion, was given to Trustee David Roux P’14 and his wife, Barbara Roux P’14, lead donors for the project.

In case you missed it, read more about the groundbreaking, view a slideshow of images of the event, and take a look at what’s planned for the Roux Center for the Environment in Bowdoin News.

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