Spy Mission: Fly Around the Quad for a 360-Degree, Bird’s-Eye View

Click image to view the Bowdoin quad and beyond from all angles.

Right now, before the leaves provide their beautiful canopy over the Quad and beyond, take this opportunity to see parts of the campus as never before. Click and use your mouse for a 360-degree, bird’s eye view courtesy of Bowdoin’s Senior Producer for Academic New Media David Israel, of Academic Technology & Consulting.


  1. Very cool.

    Hubbard Hall, where I finally learned to actually study.

  2. Christopher Hanks '68 says:


    In the spring of 1968, Smith and I broke into the excellent and very spacious office in the tower of Hubbard Hall by removing the door hinges and made our way up the beautiful metal spiral staircase within the office to the flat roof plainly visible at the top of Hubbard Tower. From there we launched a hundred or so small, origami-style paper helicopters — floating and spinning out in all directions over the campus, lifted by the warm spring breeze wafting over the pines that day.

    We were never caught.

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