Remembering the Holocaust, and Overseer Emerita Judith Isaacson, with a Bowdoin Garden

On the eve of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), April 23, a group of almost 50 people gathered on the Bowdoin campus to dedicate a new daffodil garden planted in the memory of the 1.5 million children who died in the Nazi death camps. The garden is Bowdoin’s contribution to the Daffodil Project, a worldwide effort to plant one daffodil for each child who died.

Sunday’s garden ceremony and Yom HaShoah service, held on a warm spring day as the daffodil leaves poked up from the ground, was a chance to dedicate the garden and honor Judith Magyar Isaacson, Bowdoin overseer emerita, a Hungarian-Jewish American educator, and Auschwitz survivor who settled in Maine after marrying Irving Isaacson, a native of Auburn/Lewiston.
Read the story in Bowdoin News.

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