The Power of Aquaculture in New Festival, Farming Operation (Portland Press Herald/Times Record)

Julia Maine ’16

Julie Maine ’16 ‘Driving Force’ Behind New Aquaculture Festival
After obtaining a degree in earth and oceanographic science, Julia Maine ’16 now works as an educator at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland.

Maine is profiled in the Portland Press Herald, discussing her passion for shellfish farming and the efforts she and her mother have made to establish an aquaculture festival on the island in Casco Bay where she grew up.

Trevor Kenkel ’18

Trevor Kenkel ’18 Combines Aquaculture and Hydraponics in New Farming Operation
Biology major Trevor Kenkel ’18 is an aquaponic farmer, using the waste of a thousand tilapia as fertilizer to grow a variety of green crops.

He tells The Times Record he made his first sale this past summer: a delivery of basil to Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick. “They made a basil sorbet out of it,” Kenkel said.

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