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Annual Hacks’ Hackathon Generates Flurry of Innovations

Video by Busra Eriz ’17

Smith Union was filled with techies last weekend who were participating in the third annual CBBHacks Hackathon, the largest student hackathon in Maine.

Students from NESCAC colleges spent thirty-six hours throughout the weekend inventing new apps and computer products and services, competing for a selection of prizes that included Amazon and LL Bean gift cards.

As teams worked on their ideas, they got tips from entrepreneurs and professors. The event culminated in a presentation of the inventions to a panel of invited venture capitalists and CEOs. Read the story by Busra Eriz ’17.

New Undersea Continent ‘A Step Closer’ to Being Recognized (The Guardian)

It’s the size of the Indian subcontinent, 94 percent of it is underwater, and it’s a stage closer to being recognized as a new continent, according to The Guardian, citing a new scientific study.

It’s known as Zealandia and most of its lies under the southwest Pacific, where it sank between 60 million and 85 million years ago, according to geologists. Zealandia, which measures about 1.7 million squares, would be the world’s seventh and smallest continent.