College Searching Tips: Top 10 Things for Parents Not To Do

Whitney Soule

As hundreds of colleges and universities release decisions, admissions anxiety is reaching a fever pitch in households across the country. That angst extends to high school juniors and their families, as well, as they just begin the process.

Whitney Soule, Bowdoin’s dean of admissions and financial aid,  shared with Bowdoin Magazine readers the following list of the top ten things parents should not do as they help their child through it all.


  1. Frank A. Nicolai says:

    Excellent advice except for item 9. Ms Soule seems to suggest that all advice from a professional college counseling adviser is “sound” and all the opinions and suggestions from friends and neighbors is ” illegitimate”. I think there is “unsound” advice out there. I am not sure there is all that much quality control wrt college counseling officers.

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