Campus-wide Media Project Targets Red/Blue News Divide

Poster for the Purple Media Plunge

Whether it’s the sites we choose, the stories our friends post, or the news that algorithms use to populate our feed, more Americans are learning about current events through a particular partisan lens. An experimental project on campus, starting Saturday, is encouraging students to stray from their comfortable news sites — where they can reliably read articles with a liberal or conservative bent — and to try reading news from the other side.

The Polar Bear Purple Media Plunge launches April 1. Read more in Bowdoin News.


  1. Dale Tomlinson '70 says:

    Good idea here. I already read pieces from most of the sources shown in the eyeglass graphic above, as well as opposing commentary in printed media. I have always tried not to live in my own box. However, I draw the line with outfits like Breitbart. (I’ll deal with Fox News, but their veracity is questionable many times.) Breitbart is, frankly, not worth my time. Differing views are fine, as long as they are based on clear logic supported by facts and not innuendo and rumor — or outright falsehoods. And contrary to some views, there exist demonstrable facts.

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