Brunswick’s First Parish Church Turns 300 (Times Record)

This weekend, the First Parish Church celebrated its 300th anniversary and its long relationship with both Brunswick and to Bowdoin.

The church forged a relationship with the College in the early 1800s when Bowdoin’s first class graduated in the First Parish Church, even though a new church building was still being constructed. “There was no roof and it was pouring rain, but they wanted a church to graduate in,” the paper quotes Church Historian Mildred Jones.

Bowdoin officials had asked that the church be built near the college, and gave the parish $800 for funding. The college then used the church for commencement ceremonies and other services until 1964, when they were switched to campus buildings. Read the story.


  1. Russell A. Caron says:

    Sadly, not one mention of the Pilgrim House.

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