Bowdoin Professor Argues Current Foreign Policy Could Diminish US

Rebecca Davis Gibbons

President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, as expressed so far through his actions and rhetoric, threatens to weaken the United States’ standing in the world, according to a Bowdoin government professor.

Rebecca Davis Gibbons, a visiting professor who specializes in foreign policy, national security, and arms control, explained in a recent talk at Bowdoin that Trump’s policy of isolationism could undermine the economic and security benefits the US has reaped from an integrated global order that it largely helped to build after WWII.

“Some of what we have seen in Trump’s actions and rhetoric may lead to a weaker US position in the world and lead to a less predictable and less stable world, one where US interests are undermined,” Gibbons said, adding, “Trumps actions and remarks show a lack of appreciation for the benefits this order has provided historically to the US.” More in Bowdoin News.

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