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Students Learn Art of Curating as They Research Photography Exhibit

Dana Byrd’s fall 2016 art history class

Students taking Dana Byrd’s fall art history class found themselves heading out of the classroom and into the archives, as they delved through the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives to curate their own exhibition on the history of photography. Byrd said she learned a lot from the students’ fresh approach. Read more in Bowdoin News.

Could Cassette Tapes Become ‘The New Vinyl’? (The Verge)

Audio cassette tapes could be making a comeback. According to the tech news website The Verge, the latest data show a marked rebound in cassette sales in 2016.

While insignificant compared to the resurgence in vinyl sales and the declining but still huge CD market, the article said the recent cassette boom reflects an interesting trend, representing “a healthier appetitite for physical goods only playable on now vintage hardware.”