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The Sacred and the Profane: Rome as 21st Century Horror Movie Setting

Allison Cooper

Allison Cooper

Professor Allison Cooper, who teaches Italian and cinema studies, describes how Rome’s richly symbolic history makes the city the perfect setting for a gory twenty-first-century horror movie. Read more in Bowdoin News.

Talking To Ourselves: On the Social Media Echo Chamber (Brookings Institute)

Social media sites like Facebook that let us curate sources of our choosing have earned a reputation for becoming “echo chambers,” filtering out opposing opinions.

In fact, a third of users say they do not perceive a diversity of opinion in their news feeds.

According to the Brookings Institute, these echo chambers have developed out of a negative political climate. Though older generations appear to use social media in a more substantive manner, users believe online discussions are often less respectful than those conducted in person. Read more.

Do You Know These Two Techniques to Make You a Better Arguer? (Vox)

ArguingMost people, according to Vox, are bad at arguing. The human brain aims to seek information that corroborates its own beliefs and understandings.

Studies show that to ensure a more successful discussion, one must work to understand what arguments his or her opponent finds convincing. Ultimately, the most important strategy is to listen. Read more.

How to Change Your Personality (New York)

If you really don’t like your own personality traits, help may be at hand. According to a recent analysis of more than 200 psychological studies, researchers have concluded that it is possible to effect rapid personality change. Read more.