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Women Computer Science Majors Talk Gender, Why They Love Their Field, and Jobs

When a group of female students from Bowdoin traveled this fall to Houston, Texas, for the world’s largest technical conference for women in computing, several returned with a solid offer for a job after graduation.

The women went to Houston ready to impress. All the work they had put into their computer science studies at Bowdoin came in handy during the highly technical interviews they had with recruiters at the conference.

In addition, they also had help from a student group called Bowdoin Women in Computer Science, which organizes an expedition each year to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Associate Professor of Computer Science Laura Toma credits the group with increasing the numbers of female computer science students at Bowdoin.

Grace Handler ’17 and Madeline Bustamante ’17 founded BWICS in 2014. Not only does the group academically support computer science students at Bowdoin, it also helps prepare them for professional success. Read more about BWICS and watch some of its members talk about why they love computer science and how they think the field can attract more women.

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‘Road to Nowhere’: The Challenges US Faces in Rebuilding Infrastructure (Council on Foreign Relations)

Traffic, carsThe Council on Foreign Relations analyzes transportation policy initiatives, highlighting the challenges the United States faces as infrastructure expires and investments stagnate.

Though the country has historically fostered one of the world’s best transportation networks, global economic competitors are quickly surpassing it. Read more.

Are You Up to Speed on Any of the 10 Topics Every 21st Century Citizen Should Know About? (WBUR)

MIT Press’s “Essential Knowledge” series features ten topics every 21st century citizen should know.

The series, established in 2011, aims to produce a “snapshot of the current state of knowledge,” often relating to technology. Topics include machine learning, open access, and crowd sourcing. Read more.

Infographic: How to Give a Killer Presentation (Business Backer)

Click image for full infographic and the steps to a great presentation (Detail: Business Backer)