Museum of Art to Unveil Rare Photograph of Lincoln’s First Inauguration (Portland Press Herald)


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art is poised to unveil Thursday a rare photograph of the first inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, taken March 4, 1861, by photographer Alexander Gardner.

“One might argue, the media moment is born here,” says Frank Goodyear, co-director of the museum, in the Portland Press Herald. “The idea that an event like this could now be captured using photography, and images circulated far and wide, changed the whole nature of these types of rituals.” Read the Portland Press Herald article.


  1. Shortly before Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861, a political supporter recalled the turbulent atmosphere of Washington, D.C. “The air was still thick with rumors of ‘rebel plots’ to assassinate Mr. Lincoln, or to capture him and carry him off before he could take hold of the reins of government.”

  2. Ed Burton says:

    James Buchanan was the first president whose inauguration was captured on film.

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